Family Escape!

photos:left- sandpipers on Sanibel. center- me right- Cinderella's Castle New Year's Eve

photos: left- Burrowing Owl. Center- pink hibiscus. Right- the boys entering Sanibel.

In addition to triathlon, our family loves many things: including Legos, Star Wars and road trips!
In late December we decided to drive to Florida to see my in-laws and to take a surprise trip to the Magic Kingdom. (3,000+miles RT). The trip started off a bit sour (vomit + car seat.) Ew. But we made it and we eventually purged the nasty flu bug as well.
While it was chilly for Florida, we hit the beach, built sandcastles and enjoyed wearing shorts! And, New Year's Eve at Disney was wonderful! The trip wasn't perfect, but it was memorable.

Questions for You:
- Where is your favorite family escape?
- Are you a hot or cold weather person?
- Road trip or flight?

photo credits: by me


Mike Russell said...

-Combining our family favorites: Legoland.
-Hot weather for sure. Training in the cold is a necessary evil.
-Flight for sure. Driving with the family is just my idea of a nightmare.

skierz said...

Favorite escape: Anywhere with a mountain and a ski lift(Europe is the best) Cold or Hot: definetly cold Road of flight: the mountains are far away, gotta fly! Cheers

Kat said...

-Anywhere with an adventure!
-Hot!! I hate being cold and am cold anywhere that is less than 75 degrees (it's -1 where I live right now!).
-Flying. Partially because I'm too busy, but also because I like my adventures to take me far, far, away!

Runner Leana said...

Sounds like a terrific trip - minus the vomit though! Happy 2010!

Jason Andrew Mellet said...

well, we have just become a proper family, with the birth of Kiera just 11 weeks ago so no road trips yet. i am however a hot weather person and dream of living by the beach in a place like san diego. never been there but sounds nice. we have already decided we are going to retire somewhere in hawaii. maybe when im there i will do kona every year.

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, that is a LOT of driving! I'm glad you and your family had a good time despite the frigid FL temps.

I am definitely a warm weather person. My favorite family escape is Hawaii and I definitely prefer to fly get to places, unless they're within a fairly easy day's drive.