Downhills, Art, Fashion Shows & a New Bike!

We stayed close to home during Spring Break week, hitting area parks and getting messy in the basement. This hill is beautiful & my oldest flew down it, smiling the whole way. I'm not going to critique his running form but if you'd like help/suggestions on downhill running technique go here at
For art ideas, inspiration and resources check out this artist/triathlete's blog. You'll find SO many great things! (lizards, art lessons, sewing projects, tri reports, and incredible refashions!) I'm hoping to profile Carrie & her husband soon! If you have kids, check out her "This is Me" A Kid's First Keepsake Journal.

photos: more from a park trip. A Sandhill Crane. T/E easily navigate the rocks.

photos: I took these at a recent Women's night at our local Trek store. We had yummy burritos from Chipoltle and Trek raffled off a free bike at the end ... and a woman named Sara won! but not me, I heard "Sara" & my heart accelerated. Coach Cindi from Madison Multisport spoke. I took one of her free pre-race clinics in the past & liked it.

And with the kids home, I setup the trainer on the deck for Cutter intervals while our youngest napped.
And finally, hubby bought a new commuting bike. The A/C in his van would cost $2,600 to fix so he decided he'd work on commuting more in the summer & recently brought home his new cyclocross baby.

Questions for You:
What's most interesting to you? Park trip, downhill running, painting, art, fashion shows, burritos, Breaking Away, trainer rides, or a new bike?
If you have kids, how do you like to workout with them at home?

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