Which Fin is Faster?

Pretty swirly flower-ish design?


Scary pirate theme with dolphins and Rubber Duck?
Photos of my fins by me.
- Fins are cool, fins are lame, fins are a tool?
- What would you draw on your fins?
- Which is the faster fin?
Stay tuned for new Athlete Profiles coming soon!


teacherwoman said...

Those fins are cool! What would I draw on my fins? Good question. Hmmm...

Joel said...

Arrrggggghhh. Ahoy, matey! You're such a scallywag. Must be the pirate fin that's the fastest! She'll keep you away from Davey Jones' Locker!


Lisa said...

cute and creative!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

- Fins serve their purpose in training, but I use them sparingly

- Not sure what I would draw.

- lol, same fin set, whatever your stonger leg is

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Teacherwoman - thanks again for your comment! Let me know if you select a theme for your fins. :-)

Joel -- love it! We've had 4 years of pirate-themed birthday parties here and I can walk the plank!

Lisa - thank you!

Big Daddy Diesel - :-) I suppose it is my strongest leg that wins!

Thanks everyone!

ShirleyPerly said...

OMG, those are the cutest fins I've ever seen!!!

My swim instructor tells me fins are good for improving ankle flexibility and to get used to some aspects of swimming fast without expending so much effort that it might set you back. IOW, they do have a place in one's training but as with other training aids, only used sparingly.