Dunedin & Quinoa with Jessi Stensland & MovementU

*A classic family vacation memory with the RV in the background. I'm barefoot & in my pajamas.

Growing up we took many family road trips within our Winnebago, until it burned down on our way to Disney World... another story. My Dad drove that RV all over the country over mountain passes and across NYC bridges, often while we were still sleeping. During a trip to Florida, we stopped at a gas station to ask directions to a beach (pre-GPS era). My dad asked the man how to get to "Dune-din" and the man had no idea what my Dad was looking for. We didn't know the city was pronounced differently, like "du-NEED-in" vs "DUNE-din."

*Me roasting marshmallows, sometimes golden, sometime charred.

In similar word-confusion, I'd been searching for some darn Quinoa & having no luck! Months ago I read a post by Endurance Guy Toby & wanted to try out the recipe. I paced up and down the grocery store aisles (with 3 kids) looking for pasta in tiny little dot shapes. I tried the "special food" section, nothing. Where was this "quin-no-ah?" I didn't know what I was looking for, too bad I didn't google it. To find something it helps to understand what you're looking for.

And then, this mystery grain (wrong aisle!) shows up again, in Jessi Stensland's MovementU lunch!! See the MovementU menu here.

Photo of Jessi taken by me.

I LOVED Jessi's clinic (more on her content soon) and I'm encouraged to apply the concepts and movements I learned from her. And after gobbling up her snack & lunch, I had to find that yummy quin-oh-ah.

So, I went back to Woodmans and paced the aisles again. This time I checked both aisles of the "special section" and did a cheerleader-style "yes!" after finding the mystery grain. It's pronounced like "KEEN-wah". Later on I learned more about Quinoa from Ben Greenfield Fitness's guest Chef Todd in this session.

I picked up red pepper hummus, avo, ww wraps, spinach, oinion, evoo, sea salt, cherry tomatoes and actual red peppers to try and duplicate the MovementU wraps. I stuffed a little too much into my wrap, but yes it was very good. The next day I added Quinoa to the mix, and that worked too.

And while for now I'm content to let Active Toby climb highest mountains, I have run through the fields. And thanks to MovementU ... I have run, I have semi-crawled, and (while looking for Quinoa) I have scaled the grocery store walls. So I end with this--one of the best songs ever.

Watch on official U2 site

Questions for You:
- Did you know it was KEEN-wah?
- What's one of your best-ever songs?
- How do you like your marshmallows?


Judy said...

Yes, good song - but "Where the streets have no names" is better.

I always mispronounce Quinoa and besides it being an ingredient in some granola crackers I recently bought; I haven't bought any to make at home yet. Dr. Oz loves it though.

The perfect marshmellow is golden brown but who has the patience?

Mommy Missionary said...

Man - you could spend a lifetime in Woodman's - that is one big store! Glad you found what you were looking for! This reminds me of my pursuit of tahini. I live in such a small town that it took several trips to our one grocery store (if you don't count super wal mart) and speaking to multiple grocers before I could locate Tahini dressing to make my own hummus. :)

Kat said...

Quinoa is awesome. Try some of these recipes:




I think the last one is my favorite, very quick and one pot makes it easy. I was making the stuffed peppers in front my favorite Kona qualifier and he invited himself to dinner because they looked so good! They were awesome! I love quinoa!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

I'm glad I'm not alone then with the Quinoa thing! & I've been watching/listening to a lot of U2 recently after writing this post. Good times.

Sherry - thanks for commenting! I can imagine your pursuit of tahini, even though I don't know what it is. I like hummus though!

Kat - thanks so much for sharing the recipe links!! I'm really enjoying trying new foods & Quinoa has a bunch of great options.

Thanks everyone!