Dragonfly Eggs, OWS & Trail Running

Last week we went to my inlaws' "farm" -- FUN time including:
- An open water swim with my husband. Parts of the lake were weedy, creating a kelp-like forest to swim through or across. It reminded me of past vacations to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and to the Seattle Aquarium. Sea Otters are the cutest!

- While the kids splashed around in the pond/mud, I took dragonfly pictures. One dragonfly was pulsing/dipping her tail into the water and laying eggs. My camera has a delay, but it was fun to watch. In the second picture on the top row you can see her body is vertical and touching the pond. I think the dragonfly in the second picture on the bottom row looks like an x-wing starfighter.

- Then, while on a trail run I saw my favorite dragonfly--the big one (see picture bottom left). In April one year this dragonfly hung out by our dryer vent for a few days. I thought it was dead or frozen, but two days later it flew away! Two weeks ago my toddler and I saw another one at the park near our house. I saw one by the pond too, but couldn't catch it with my camera.
I saw the dragonfly near this area of the farm, though this photo was taken in the fall, it's one of my favorite sections to walk, run, jog through with a combination of pines and sand.

- Other dragonflies at the pond.

- Ken with our toddler riding the 4-wheeler (he was going slow, but it made me nervous.)

Questions for You:
- What insect do you like?
- How do you feel about swimming through, on and around weeds?
photos by me


Big Daddy Diesel said...


As long as the do not become attached to me while I swim, I am ok, I get a little freaked out if weeds are hanging off my body.

Lara Gotto said...

UGH, I hate swimming in weeds! It really freaks me out. Of course I get freaked out by the idea that there could be leeches attaching to me, or other animals biting me, so the weeds just kind of give me the willies cause I don't always know for certain that it is just weeds. YUCK.

ShirleyPerly said...

I don't like weeds or kelp in the water. I have a hard enough time swimming as it is and don't need anything else to freak me out or slow me down.

Cool photos of the dragon fly!!