Craig Alexander - Racing to Win!

"Every time I race I want to win or put out a great performance," says 2x defending Ford World Ironman Champion Craig Alexander. It's been a good year so far, with five wins, two thirds and one unfortunate crash (cracked his bike frame) out of his last eight races. Alexander races Ironman 70.3 Racine on Sunday.

Alexander (nicknamed Crowie) spoke last night at All Season Runner in Janesville, Wis. Thanks to a facebook link from SBR Coaching I was able to meet Alexander and learn more about him, his family and his preparation for Kona. Kitty Cole, marketing director at All Season Runner, led the Q&A session.

What an evening! I was expecting a short Q&A and a rushed photo opp, instead Cole led Alexander through a well-crafted series of questions, allowing us to get to know this talented and charming defending World Champion. Alexander also autographed posters and posed for pictures with each guest. He was polite, friendly and kept us laughing throughout the session.

For example, when asked about any problems he's had when racing, he laughed and said, "I crashed, I guess that's a problem." And while the bike frame was toast, fortunately Alexander "just lost a bit of skin," he says.

Alexander says his form is on par with previous years. "I want to fulfill my potential and do the best I can do right now and make the most of what's still to come," he says.
During races Alexander thinks of the sacrifices his wife, children, extended family and friends have made while asking himself, "am I doing everything I can right now to improve my position?"

Race day is about you, he says, "getting from point a to point b as efficiently as you can while fueling the right way."

Alexander begins his Kona training next week and will log 40-45 hours a week for a four-week block. Before the Big One he'll work through several more specific training blocks, ending with a two-week Kona prep followed by a taper.

As one of only four athletes to win back-to-back titles at the Ford Ironman World Championships (Dave Scott, Mark Allen & Tim DeBoom fill out the club), Alexander promises to put out a great title defense. Once you win, he says, you'll risk more rather than being conservative and playing it safe.

He calls the Kona field stacked, naming multiple top competitors and adding that on race day, there's always people who step up. This year's men's field should know Crowie is all in and he's never short on motivation.

See my photo opp with Craig Alexander here. Silly me, I was nervous!
Questions for You:
- What triathlete would you like to meet?
- Who will win Kona this year?
Photos by me! My autographed poster is up in our office.


Velma said...

Yes he will win - although I like MACCA.

I cannot believe he was in Janesville!! That is where I grew up!!!

canucklehead said...

When I did Timberman last year, I was steps away from Chrissie and Andy the night before my race at a dinner where they both spoke. I was so new to triathlon then, I was unaware of their "greatness". Since getting a personal email from Chrissie a while back, I would love to meet her one day.

I think Jon Blais is my biggest influence to keep going now. I will not meet him in this life, but after chatting with his dad a few days ago, I know a carry a bit of his spirit with me now.

Victory is Finishing said...

Wow! I got to meet Matt Reed the other week at similier type thing, but got me beat!

Good stuff!

Elizabeth said...


Your website is awesome! I love the concept. Many sites that I have come across in relation with triathletes are solely about their journey as a triathlete. I love that you are not only a competitor, but also an inspirationalist.

I work in affiliation with a company who offers equipment to athletes who are looking for ways to broaden their training set and for those who have been injured. We have helped many collegiate and professional athletes with our products.

I would love to have a link set up on your website. I think it would be a perfect place for your followers to have access to information about what we offer.

Let me know what you think and keep up the great work!

My new inspirational quote, thanks to you: "You miss 100% of the shots you never take." This is so true. Thank you.


Sara Cox Landolt said...

Velma - it was fun! Nice store too!

John- very cool, what fun experiences!

Brian - thanks for commenting! Did Matt speak at that event? Did you take notes to share? :-)

Elizabeth - thanks for your kind comments, I appreciate it. That quote is one of my soccer favorites, so true! If there's something I can review, let me know and I'll see if it's a good fit.

Thanks all! More fun info on Crowie at