Birthday Butterflies & Zinnias

I love taking pictures, especially of plants, flowers and animals in our garden or up at the farm. To celebrate my birthday week I took these:

Questions for You:
- How do you celebrate your birthday? This afternoon my oldest son is doing a local youth triathlon. Then over the weekend most of my family is doing the adult tri, followed by lots of screaming and cheering along the Ironman Wisconsin course on Sunday.
- What flowers are in your garden?
pictures by me


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I do a birthday ride, miles in years, since I am still young, they make it an extra hilly route. Then Texas Roadhouse for dinner!!! And homemade strawberry cake!!!!!

Dianna in Maui said...

Great pictures! This year I am racing my first off-road duathlon 2 days after my birthday. I would like to make this race an annual event! Last year, Melanie McQuaid was the women's winner (it's the weekend before Xterra). I wonder who will be there this year?

We have tons of tropical flowers in our garden - ginger, heliconia, bird of paradise, etc.

Victory is Finishing said...

Nice shots Shara!
Hope you had a great birthday.
If you see #122 Denise Hildebrandt at IMWI say hi from Brian, she is a Team TRIumph tri club member of ours....Go Denise, rock it!


Rani said...

Wonderful pics and happy birthday! LAst year I went wine tasting! This year I wanna get healthy and sweaty and treat myself to an event!

Patricia said...

Your pictures are AMAZING. If you get tired of writing and coaching, become a photographer!

I celebrated my birthday by doing a triathlon (big surprise) and by going to the high school football game. The pep band played Happy Birthday for me while I worked in the concession stand at half-time.

Happy Birthday, birthday twin!