A Tri Weekend! Youth, Adult & Ironman Wisconsin!

We had a great, fun, full, triathlon weekend! Our oldest did his third triathlon, his first one in our village. It starts with a 100-m pool swim, 1-mile bike and 400-m run around the track. Truitt took second in his agegroup (8:44) and tied for second overall of all the boys. He wants to race again next year. :-)

Most of my family competed in the local adult triathlon the next morning. It was cooler and wet, but we all crossed the finish line. I had my fastest pool swim (cut 1:43 off my swim) saving eight minutes from the previous year's time 1:32:36 (slightly different course this year).

It was my sister Sue's first race since being diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. She finished cutting over 10 minutes off her last sprint distance tri time. And our friend Ally and her friend Ozzie became triathletes -- great first race experiences. My husband, brother-in-law and younger sister ran a relay, team Viper Dogs, taking second in relays. With so many of us out on the course, we have few pictures, but, I believe we're all in for next year's race.

left - me swimming (green goggles). center - me almost done, reaching. right - I led a 30-minute bootcamp session as part of a fundraiser about 25 minutes after finishing my race.
The following night Ken, my sister and I drove downtown for the final finishers of this year's Ironman Wisconsin race. In 2003 my husband finished his first IM there, and his brother finished in 2004. The finish experience is SO much fun. If you have the chance, definitely go.
left - this is looking up the race chute, the finish is directly to my right in the opposite direction.
center- Mike Reilly keeps the crowds entertained and makes the finish line magic with his famous line, "YOU are an IronMan."
right - Ken and I
On Topic:
- Check out Focal Flame Photography's pictures from the near-perfect day of IM racing. http://www.focalflame.com/content/under-clear-blue-sky-2010-ironman-wisconsin
- Ironman.com's coverage of IMWI: Gambles and Crawford set records at Wisconsin.
- Last week my sister, Ally, Ozzie and I went for a pre-race ride. We talked about nerves and issues like chafing, etc. And now they are triathletes! :-) Congratulations!

Questions for You:
- Have you done a relay?
- Have you attended or raced in an Ironman-brand event?

photos by me and my family


Robyn M. Perrin said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out, Sara! Sounds like it was a fantastic weekend for you and your family. Loved hearing all about it!

Robyn / Focal Flame Photography

NursAdrn said...

Perfect day for racers and spectators. Could hardly talk today for cheering everyone one. I competed at IM Loo two weeks ago. No post race depression. But now that our local IM has come and gone, it is a sad time!

Thanks for the focal flame link.

Mike Russell said...

I did IM St. George this year and loved the atmosphere. They definitely know how to throw a party!

I went to Kona last year as a spectator and could not believe the energy that was there. The pros were cool, but the AG athletes really made the day for me.

Donna said...

I just went to IMKY. What an amazing experience. I can't wait to one day do one. We went back down to the finish around 11 and watched for the last hour! Amazing people.

As for your question, my very first tri experience was a relay. I really feel like there is no better way to try your first even, and there's no better party than on a relay team!

Thanks always for sharing as you do! Get's me excited -- 10 days until my first 70.3!