A Country Ride!

This last weekend I rode with a small group of friends along the bike course for this coming weekend's local sprint triathlon. It was windy and cool, but a great midday ride.

Joining me were:
Ozzy - this weekend will be his first triathlon! He's most nervous about the swim segment.
Ally - this weekend will also be her first triathlon! Ally ran a 5K event over the weekend too.
Sue - is my sister and it's her first triathlon back since we raced together in a sprint triathlon in 2008. While we sprinted to a tie at that finish, Sue wasn't feeling herself and was later diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. This weekend's sprint triathlon is my sister's first race back.

left -Ozzy, me, Sue & Ally pre-ride. right - Sue

left - Ozzy right - Ally

left - Ozzy, Sue & Ally. right - Sue

The route is a gorgeous ride through the country, a few hills, several horses, an orchard and a few farms. I was excited to see my first wooly-bear caterpillar too!

Questions for You:
- City or country rides?
- Do you like wooly-bears?
- Please wish Ozzy, Ally & Sue a great race experience!
photos by me


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Country rides, the beauty and the lower amount of traffic is way better then riding in the city. Too much traffic in the city makes it harder to enjoy the sites of the ride.

good luck to all racing!!!!!

Mike Russell said...

Country rides are where it is at. I will take the big trucks getting closer than they should over city traffic any day of the week!

NursAdrn said...

Good luck to all of you at the Sprint!

Beautiful pictures, btw.

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Big Daddy Diesel - thanks for stopping & commenting. We're all excited to race this weekend!

Mike - The big trucks freak me out sometimes, but the country is overall a better ride.

NursAdrn - thank you! I'm glad I brought a camera along.