Dancer Meets Triathlete - Oscar Week!

Dancer Meets Triathlete: Oscar Week!
When Oscar-nominated Natalie Portman was training for her role in Black Swan she studied with the New York City Ballet five hours a day for six months. For cross-training, she also swam.
With the strength and agility required for Black Swan, I bet Portman would make a solid triathlete.
Let's compare:
*(D) Dancer, (T) Triathlete

Training schedule: (D) Obsessive, (T) Obsessive

Clothing: (D) Leotard, (T) Trisuit

Modesty suggests: (D) Black tights, (T) Black tri shorts

Performance enhancer: (D) Leg warmers, (T) Compression socks

Underlayers: (D) Commando, (T) Commando

Quick costume changes required: (D) Offstage, (T) Transition tent or on the fly

Wear and tear: (D) Bloody toes, chafing, blisters, (T) Fin bites, saddle sores, raw heels

Covers the butt: (D) Tutu, (T) Sparkle skirt, running skirt, transition skirt

Crowns: (D) Tiara, headpiece, feathers, (T) Swim cap, bike helmet, world championship crown

Hairstyle: (D) Bun, (T) Two braids

Segments: (D) Intermission, (T) Transition

In charge: (D) Director, (T) Coach

Shoes: (D) Tap, jazz, ballet and pointe, (T) Bike, run or tri

Laces: (D) Satin, elastic, (T) Speed

Bag: (D) Duffel, (T) Tri backpack

TMI: (D) Shaves more than general population, (T) ditto

In peak form: (D) Mesmerizing, (T) Effortless

Venues: (D) Talent show to Broadway stage, (T) Indoor, traditional, off-road and winter

Footwork: (D) Beautiful feet, (T) Born to run

Race preparation: (D) Dress rehearsal, (T) On site walk-through

Begins: (D) Curtain opens, (T) Cannon fires

Audience, spectators appreciate: (D) Gorgeous lines, (T) People watching

Concludes: (D) Nailing the finish, (T) Sprinting across the finish line

Post-finish: (D) Encore, (T) Sign up for another tri!

Questions for You:
- Is Portman a triathlete?
- What elite triathletes have dance backgrounds?
- How has dance helped your skills as a triathlete?
- What did I miss?
And finally, "Who's dancing? Come on, who's dancing? Want me to get it started?"
-- Elaine Benes youtube clip

- free media download from Black Swan,
- me in a tutu and
- me in my tri suit & sparkle skirt after a local triathlon.


Donna said...

Coming from a family of professional dancers, I thought this was hilarious! Even more ironic is that I'm a triathlete! :)

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Donna! Thanks so much! Please pass along to your family! Encore! :)

Colleen said...

Wow... the similarities are scary! :)

Kelly said...

Great post, Sara! I can't wait to see that movie...definitely on my list now that I see it is really a movie about triathletes in disguise! :)

Kara said...

Sara, I'm another dancer turned triathlete--loved your post! I've always considered the race course another "stage." Great comparisons:-)

Sara Cox Landolt said...

@Kelly & @Kara - thanks for your feedback! Both comments encouraged me at just the right time. Thank you! It was a fun post to write.