Friday Fun: Look! A Bat Carrier!

There was this one time...

I was running errands with the kids, hands gripping the wheel at 10 and 2. My tense posture and aggressive eyebrow scowling would for sure create a permanent crease, like a super wrinkle. We were actually headed to the Super, otherwise known as SuperWalmart (though my kids pronounce it wool-mart).

You see, I was in heavy traffic in a roundabout. I'd need to stay in the zone to make it through.
Because of my intense concentration, I didn't think much about the delivery truck we were following. Then my kindergartner says, "Look! It's a bat carrier!!"

What? Where? Oh, I see. To a six-year-old, a Bacardi truck and its massive bat logo, looks like a bat carrier. Cute.

Just in case you'd also be confused I've pasted in a Bacardi desktop download for you so you can see the bat. (bottom right corner.)

At least now I was smiling as I rode the corner.

On Topic:
- Any roundabout discussion must include this European Vacation clip. (can't embed)
Big Ben! Parliament! Watch the official trailer at imdb.

Questions for You:
- Bats: cool or scary? I think they are cool and scary.
- Roundabouts: easy or stressful? They scare me.
- London: yes or no? I've been twice and would love to go back.

image: free desktop download from


Kat said...

Bats: scary! It's why I had to get three rabies shots in case I was bitten by a rabid one in the jungle.
Roundabouts: neutral. Got used to them growing up in DC. However, they can be tough when other drivers don't know what to do in them (it's kind of like snow in that way)
London: Yes! I'll travel to pretty much anywhere.

Rani said...

Bats: Love them!!!! Love the book Stellaluna too!

Roundabouts: They are ok...and I agree, as long as the driver knows what is up, it's cool!

London! Been there once for a semester of college-LOVED IT! The Tube, The underground, flea markets, jacket potato carts; definitely want to go back!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

@Kat - I'm glad you got the shots & had the venom thing for killer bees too! :-) It'd be scary to get bit while in the Amazon jungle!

@Rani - thanks for commenting! I've heard about that book, I'll have to check it out. And it sounds like all of us would like to plan a future European Vacation. :-)