Black Swan - Pointe Shoe Envy & Ugly Feet

I took 10+ years of dance growing up starting with ballet and later switching the jazz. I've taken classes as an adult and would love to try more in the future.

I also love movies. So, it's really easy to get me to see a dance movie, perfect combo. Even if the storyline isn't great (Step it Up 3D), as long as the dancing works, I'm good.

My regret with switching to jazz is that I didn't stay in ballet long enough to get pointe shoes & an amazing tutu, like Natalie Portman's character in Black Swan.

WOW. If I had them I'd twirl around my kitchen nonstop.

Most dance/ballet movies include a montage of sore, bloody injured feet and the special tricks dancers use to care for their feet and prepare their shoes.

While currently a triathlete, and not a principal dancer, I too have foot issues:
  • * Something happened while wearing fins at my last masters practice and I have raw sore spots on both feet.
  • That same weekend our third-grader scooted a chair and landed the metal chair leg's pointy base on my bare foot (the bruise is nastier than this picture.)
  • I have weird foot tan lines from Florida,
  • odd pre-bunion type shape on the right side,
  • my toe nail polish isn't great,
  • bulging veins and more.

Overall, this is a pretty ugly foot picture and I'm a little shy about sharing it. But I'm grateful for where my feet have carried me and look forward to many many future adventures, whether barefoot or en pointe.

On Topic
Black Swan trailer
Step it Up 3D *The move at 33seconds is fascinating.
Ballerina Project
Oscar nominations (With Best Picture, so far I've seen Black Swan, The Fighter, Inception, 127 Hours & True Grit.)

Questions for You:
- Why does every movie lately have to be in 3D?
- How do you feel about your feet?
- Best picture opinions?

photos: one of my early ballet photos, I'm in the center back. My foot, by me.


Dianna in Maui said...

Right now I am thankful that I am back on BOTH feet after nursing a tricky first metatarsal break from last fall, and I am very tuned into them. It's amazing how many things can go wrong with healing and recovery...I was in the boot/cast/boot for so long that now I am dealing with tight Achilles issues and other ankle/tendon troubles. Hopefully throught PT and stretching I can overcome this craziness and get back to racing! Aloha! P.S. I have enjoyed regular pedicures through this process, so at least they are prettier now!

Laura said...

Great posts and great photos ~ both of them! Ouch with the chair! I love how you describe things! Laura

Velma said...

I have the same fin bites :)

I need to catch up on my movies.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I cant watch 3D, i get motion sickness and headaches

My feet are ugly, from the wear and tear and pounding I put them through with training

brendaaz said...

Sara you have beautiful feet...

Sara Cox Landolt said...

@Dianna in Maui : oh my! I hope your post-boot healing/PT goes well. I'm totally jealous of your pedicures... :-)

@Laura - thanks so much! Yep, ow is right!

@Velma - we have fin bites in common too!

@Big Daddy Diesel - Thanks for reading & commenting! I also get motion sickness!

@Brendaaz - You are beautiful. Thank you.