P.I. Streak II + G.V. Minigolf

Last weekend we played indoor mini-golf as a family. In Wisconsin it can snow even in May, so the indoor option is nice.

I grabbed my new pair of Pearl Izumi Streak II shoes (thanks to Outside PR & Sports Marketing & Pearl Izumi) to see how they'd handle the turf.

I noticed the fit of the shoe first in the heel--it felt like the shoe cradled my heel in a good way.

The shoe felt light, but supportive
and I really liked the honeycomb webbing.

As a safety girl I appreciate the reflective bits along the laces, toe, heel and side of the shoe and we tested its reflective performance within the mini-golf glow room.

Learn more about the Streak's seam-free interior, energy foam cushions and more here.

photos: Walk this way please. There are many slides along the course.

photos: Mini-golf at G.V., the capital at G.V., my P.I. Streak II in the glow room. Actually two years ago one of our kids had an accident in this same glow room .... beware of potential glow-room streaks in your neighborhood.

Questions for You:

- What's the weather like where you live?

- What's the first thing you notice about a new pair of shoes?

- When I read the word Streak I think of two words: naked and steak. What comes to your mind?

photos by me


Dianna in Maui said...

Hi Sara,
I am thankful almost everyday to live in paradise. Outside of a very rainy winter this year, our weather is fairly warm and consistent. Excellent training weather. I still wait patiently for spring, though, when I can do my early morning rides and runs in daylight instead of darkness (which leaves me on the trainer and treadmill).

I love how new shoes are tight and cushiony, I also think it's great when your training shoes outnumber your casual shoes.

I had to laugh at your last question because my Mom's (and stepdad's) last name is "Stark" as in "stark naked" LOL, akin to your "streak." But "streak" also makes me think of "winning steak."

Have a great day!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Hey Dianna,
Thanks so much for reading & commenting! To live in paradise, wow, what a blessing.

I too love the cushion of a new shoe, I feel so fast & light when I run! Thanks for sharing the connection point with your mom's last name! It made me smile.