Potty Mouths & Stalkers: I ♥ Writers!

Last weekend I attended the Writers' Institute in Madison, Wis. It was awesome being back on campus and learning more about something I love -- writing! I pitched my triathlon project as well!

Writing conferences host a strange variety of personalities, including:

  • The potty-mouth: an attendee who draws attention to his or her idea by throwing in random swear words.

  • The hi-jacker: an attendee who attempts to take-over a speaker's session with his or her own information.

  • The stalker: he or she stalks a designated agent, editor or speaker hoping to pitch his or her idea. During the Q&A panel a male agent specifically outlawed men from approaching him in the bathroom between sessions... but he left the option open for women (humor is good people).

  • The close-talker: hopefully he or she is not a coffee drinker ... if so, offer this attendee a piece of gum or strong mint.

  • The cookie thief: pockets extra cookies during the mid-session break.

  • The bold forgetter: he or she boldly stands to ask a question during a session or panel and then can't quite come up with his or her question.

  • The space hog: even in a packed session this participant spreads out, arranging his or her laptop, purse, conference tote, coat, umbrella and more. Odds are he or she also has claim to the power outlet too.

Questions for You: - What personalities have you met at conferences? Who did I forget? - What cookies are your favorite mid-session snack? I chose white chocolate macadamia nut. - Do you love the rush during a pitch, triathlon or interview? - If you had to sell something what would it be?

photos by me: The Pyle Center, The Red Gym, The Memorial Union & Rathskeller (I worked there in college.)


Lizzita said...

you missed the person who walks in late and sits next to you asking questions about what they missed and trying to figure out what is happening in the class.

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Good point Liz! Now what do we name that person? The catch-me-up leech?