Easter Light & Bear Crawls

We spent Easter weekend at the farm with Ken's family. We enjoyed:
- planting trees,
- loading wood on the trailer,
- filling & hiding Easter eggs,
- the egg hunt, and
- a great Easter meal!

Bear crawls are one of my favorite bootcamp exercises. The kids took it up a notch doing bear crawls up and over a labyrinth of tree limbs.

When the sun broke through later in the weekend, it was glorious. Also glorious was Carrie Underwood's "How Great Thou Art" with Vince Gill. Wow.

Questions for You:
- What's your favorite or least favorite bootcamp or bodyweight exercise?
- Elvis' version or Carrie's version? Or Susan Boyle's version?

photos by me.

1 comment:

Lora said...

Loving that first pic! Hmm, haven't heard the Carrie Underwood/Vince Gill version, but I feel pretty confident that I'd be going with the King of Rock 'N Roll on this one nonetheless. Have a great day!