The Bicycle Dr.'s Cure

Last week (Friday), my husband Ken learned his baby (S22 FELT bicycle) was unrideable (crack in the rear seat-stay). Crushing news given his big race Ford Ironman Coeur d'Alene was in 45 days...

We were referred to the Bicycle Dr, a FELT dealer in Dousman, Wis. Ken called the shop and drove 45 miles the next morning to see what his options were. Kevin, from the Bicycle Dr., emailed the warranty claim that day (Saturday) and called FELT Monday morning.

We were in pre-race serious problem panic mode Wednesday night with no new information. Frames and bikes take a minimum five days to ship, then time to assemble and then time to fit. And it's busy season for bike shops in Wisconsin. Ken's pre-race taper was nearing too.

Thursday late afternoon I got another phone call. Our options:
  • FELT shipped the Bicycle Dr. a S32 frame to arrive around May 19th.
  • FELT would give Ken a discount on a B16 complete bike or a discount on a B12 frame, either option about $1,900.
Ken made a second trip to the Bicycle Dr. Thursday night to check out the B12 and B16. And he called the Bicycle Dr.'s owner Friday morning to get his opinion. Ken's going with the factory frame option, which surprised the Bicycle Dr.

Ken's very pleased with the Bicycle Dr's service. They've given Ken multiple options at many levels all during their busiest sales time. When Ken asked about upgrading parts, the Bicycle Dr didn't push parts Ken didn't need, which during a panic period, would have been easy to do.
They were sensitive to Ken's timeline & to getting him the best fit & option during this high-stress situation. I think we'll be driving over again next week for Ken's fit.

We're happy to receive the new frame from FELT & thankful they mailed it immediately.

I'm thanking God Ken didn't crash his bike riding a broken frame!!


Karin & Brian said...

Glad to hear that everything worked out! It's also nice to know that there are very reliable bike salespeople out there.

Fe-lady said...

Really! Things always happen for a reason and usually work out for the best! Best of luck to him at CDA!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Karin - Agreed, great bike people are lifesavers. The Bicycle Dr has handled a stressful situation well.

Fe-lady, Thanks for commenting! Yes, I'm glad we found about the crack now vs. in Idaho or on the race course!