A Crack in Our Plans--45 Days from Race Morning

Last Friday I got a call from my husband I wasn't expecting. Ken had taken his baby (his S22 FELT bicycle ) in for service at Williamson Bicycle Works & Fitness in Madison, Wis.

In addition to needing a regular pre-race tune-up, he asked them to investigate a noise he'd heard. He'd called the bike guy before coming in and he and Ken thought it could be bottom bracket related. There was also something about a hub and the bike needed a new back tire. All issues we could handle/afford paying for. All great things to wrap up before a big event.

Later that day Ken went back to pick up his baby and instead won the pre-race "don't want to hear it" lottery.

Ken's bike frame is cracked.

Williamson Bicycles was wonderful, supportive & understanding. They charged Ken for some parts, that's it. But Williamson Bicycles is no longer a FELT dealer, so they referred Ken to the Bicycle Dr., a FELT dealer in Dousman, Wis.

Ken called the Bicycle Dr and drove there the next morning to see what his options were. We'd taken photos of the crack Friday night & I scanned a copy of his original receipt so we had backup.

A bike mechanic named Kevin at Bicycle Dr. took in the situation and the FELT salesrep was on site. Things in our favor:

  • Ken is the original owner.
  • Ken bought the bike from a FELT dealer.
  • Ken loved and cared for his bike like a baby.
  • We have the original dated receipt.
  • All FELT frames have a lifetime warranty.

Things that get tricky:

  • time
  • time
  • time

Kevin e-mailed the warranty claim on Saturday and called FELT Monday morning. Monday evening Kevin told Ken we'd know more by Wednesday. The FELT salesrep was going to check on frames, upgrades and discounts Tuesday.

It's Wednesday night and we have no new information. We're very close to panic mode. Frames and bikes take minimum five days to ship, then time to assemble and then fit. And the days/weeks continue to race by as Ironman CdA nears.

Questions for You:
- What's your most stressful pre-race situation? How did you handle it?
- How would you handle it if you were Ken?

photo: Ken's poor S22. The crack is on the rear seat stay.


Velma said...

My worst situation was when Hurricane Ike decided to arrive the same day as my first marathon. There was nothing to do but gut it out.

Give my best to Ken. Is there some kind of loaner he can use while he is waiting? I would also make sure to be persistent since the race clock in ticking!

I Run for Fun said...

Oh no! This sucks! I would keep calling and harassing them, till they treat this like an emergency.

My most stressful situation: getting stuck in traffic and arriving at a half marathon 5 minutes before the race started.

Karin & Brian said...

Sorry to hear about the cracked frame! Yuk. Hopefully he can get what he needs quickly. In the meantime, is there another bike he can ride? I know it's not the same as the original but I guess something is better than nothing. I agree with Velma to be persistent. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Good luck!

Carolina John said...

oh that's a tough pill to swallow. i worry most about the weather before a big race.

Kari said...

Wow, what a shocker! I'm sure Felt will do what they can to move this along -especially if they want to keep your business. However, be the squeaky wheel - you know what they say!

I have zero experiance right now so my most stressful pre-race was just getting my stuff together. I hope for the best with the situation and again - squeak, squeak!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Wow - that is a stressful situation. Glad to read in your most recent post that things are working out for him. Phew!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Hi guys, thanks for your support and suggestions!

Velma - Hurricane!!! Wow!

I Run for Fun - that would stress me out big time.

Karin- Persistent we can be!

Carolina John- me too, the weather is such a big factor on raceday

Kari- thanks for your comment, I think we're getting that squeek fixed!

Lisa Slow-n-steady- thanks for commenting!