Lake Mills Sprint Tri 2010: 2nd Athena!

Last weekend I was happy to compete in my first sprint tri of the season. Yippee!!!

The Lake Mills Triathlon is a .25-mile swim, 16-mile bike and 3.2-mile run. It's the first of three local sprint triathlons included in the Wisconsin Triathlon Series. The weather was cool (low fifties) and fortunately the rain held.

This was the third time I've done Lake Mills (2005 mom of two, 2008 new mom of three). The bike segment was new, same distance (16 miles) but was a new route due to construction.

Results 2005, 2008, 2010:
Swim: 14:22, T1: 3:16, Bike: 57:31 (15.65), T2: 1:11, Run: 35:17 (11:02/mile)
overall 1:51:35

2008: Swim: 12:18, T1: 2:55, Bike: 54:21 (17.6 ), T2: 1:02, Run: 35:39 (11:08/mile)
overall 1:46:12

2010: Swim: 11:21, T1: 1:45, Bike: 56:02 (17.1), T2: 1:03, Run: 30:48 (9:37/mile)
overall 1:40:57, 2nd place Athena Division! :-)

Race Day Notes & Thoughts:
prerace - : I left my sunglasses in the car. Ken went to get them while I juggled holding my youngest who was having a tantrum while my middle son had to pee. Not ideal pre-race bubble of calm!
prerace + : Someone pointed out a park bathroom with real toilets, so I skipped the super long port-a-potty line and traded up for a real bathroom trip pre-race.

Swim: The water was warm and choppy. The air was colder than the water, so I hung out in the lake after my warm-up. They combined the Clydesdales & Athenas in Wave 9. My mom noticed I picked a fine group of athletes to line up behind. (picture: me in pink goggles) I hit the beach around 10:30, though I didn't cross the timing mat until after 11 minutes. I was hoping to be under 10 minutes, but I had issues swimming straight on the way in... Ken was annoyed watching from shore & took this picture (above) to show how far off I was. That splash all by itself to the left side is me. I started off well, even with crazy arm (picture above), I managed to sight OK in the beginning of the swim.

T1: Great transition spot and I was happy to cut time over my T1s in 2005 and 2008.

Bike: I have zero bike pictures. Ken didn't recognize me each time I came through transition and with three kids along, he was busy. My sister saw me each time. Thanks Sue & family for coming! I heard your voice several times! The bike felt good. I was hoping to average closer to 18 mph, even though it was a new route, so I was a little bummed to get ~17mph.

T2: One second slower!!!
Run: I chased down another Athena during the second half of the run. I didn't know how many other Athenas were ahead of me, but I wanted to pass her. I wasn't sure if she'd have a big kick in the last 1.5 miles and push my pace, so when I passed I tried to give a little, "there's no way you'll pass me back" attitude. I didn't say anything or make any motions, but I imagined speaking those words in a loud voice as I ran by while using rock-solid form.
I did try to stay in the moment during the bike and run. I was thrilled to cut almost five minutes off my run time, especially good since I've focused the least on the run segment itself. Dustin Maher's bootcamp workouts + Jessi Stensland's MovementU both helped me improve, especially glute bridges, partner chariots, step-ups and rapid response. My swim coaches Katie & Nick are amazing. I love Thursday morning Fun Club.
After the race Ken commented on how my body type has changed. He said he was looking for a different shape on the bike and run segments and that's how he missed taking my picture.
See photos above: me with dark short hair & pink hat/top at Lake Mills 2008 and me in blue outfit at Lake Mills 2010. I was very happy to be racing BOTH years!
I was THRILLED to receive my first award. Last year I took third at Devil's Challenge in Athena, but I didn't know it, and left race site not knowing I'd won. This year at Lake Mills I took 2nd in Athena (At this event Athena Division means I weigh 145+ pounds. It's the athlete's choice to register as an Age-grouper or as an Athena).
When I walked up to get my plaque the announcer said, "Look at that smile, she is SO excited to win an award!" And I was! I was surprised how nonchalant or uncomfortable most other award winners were. Actually many of the athletes who won, win all summer long. Amazing athletes!!
But for me it was a good reminder to celebrate!
To smile and be happy, to enjoy this simple sport that brings me joy.
It's funny how something so basic can be the hardest part of my finish-line experience. I'd rather hit "stop" and review the ways I could save time or frown and wonder where I'd place if I registered as an agegrouper. JOY stealers!!!!

Be careful people. Protect your race-day experience! There is value there, no matter what, even with a DNF. (2x for me, another post.)
It reminds me of this clip:

It's tradition in our family to bite the medal post-race. Most triathlons now give tech t's instead of medals, so I bit my award.
Photos by Ken, my hubby. Thanks!

Other tidbits:
- Someone lost their bike seat and rode 4 miles without it! Race support found it on the course.
- Someone crushed a small rabbit with their bike tire... ew.
- I dropped my water bottle by mistake, first time during an event.
Questions for You:
- When is your next race?
- What did you feel like winning an award?
- What's the first thing you think of post-finish?


teacherwoman said...

Nice job on your first triathlon of the year! Great race report and great pics too!

Dianna in Maui said...

Congrats on starting out your season with a win! Nice improvements on your time, too. I'm racing my very first tri this Sunday. Whoo hoo!!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Bravo for a race well done! You look so different in the pic from 2008 to this year's. Guess that happens when you train hard and stay consistent.

My next race-July 18th, an Oly tri here in Orlando, Florida.
Sad to say, sometimes I don't stick around for awards even if I know I won one. Just more junk to collect. Instead I cherish the pictures my husband takes and I always have memories of it with the blogged race reports.
What i think about after I finish a race-what's next?

Big Daddy Diesel said...

When is your next race?- June 20th

What did you feel like winning an award? - Top of the WORLD!!! Best feeling ever, little extra hop in my step, what I learned realllllllly fast, is that I need to keep working hard and not celebrate too long.

What's the first thing you think of post-finish? PIZZZZZAAAA!!! Seriously, I do

ShirleyPerly said...

What a great way to kick off your season. Congrats on your award!!

I always claim my awards even if it requires asking the RDs to ship them to me if I can't stay for the award ceremony. Usually the first thing I think of when I finish a race is thank goodness it's over.

Velma said...

Awesome! You look great and way to rock the run! That is HUGE improvement.

gojessi said...

yeah go girl!! love the side by side shot of ur running - awesome improvement and can see how ken missed u! :) Also love the smiles and enthusiasm post-race and awards. There's definitely NOT enough of it at any level! Smile on! Cutest shot is last one of u. u look 12yrs old. Keep the spirit...and keep spreading it as u do so well...

Judy said...

Great job! My next race is a 10 mile run that I'm not looking forward to and even anticipating a possible DNF but I will at least try it. :) If I do finish it (no possibilities of awards) my first thought will be "Medic!" And then I'll look for the Moon Pies.
BTW 145 for an Athena? They must have teeny tiny girls in your neck of the woods.

Jheaton said...

Wow! You really improved your times substantially! Great job and congratulations on your award.

brendaaz said...

Great job Sara! I will be doing my first "summer" race July 11th. I haven't met the podium yet but hope to place at least in the top 5in my AG...

Sara Cox Landolt said...

ALL: Thank you so much for reading my race report & then commenting. Your support makes a difference!

Teacherwoman - thank you!!

Dianna in Maui- I hope the tri was awesome!

KC- Yes race pictures/reports are something to cherish!

Big Daddy Diesel - 3x meat pizza correct?

ShirleyPerly - how many awards are you up to now? I bet you have a ton!

Velma - thanks! I'm working on it!

Jessi - thanks for your encouragement & for the MovementU workshop excellece!

Judy - yah, I agree, 145 is teeny-tiny, especially at 5'10"!

Jenni - thanks for reading & encouraging me!

Brenda - thanks!! Isn't it summer there year-round?? :-) Go for it!