A Sparkle Skirt Pick-Me-Up!

It was pure fun writing about off-road triathlete Carrie Lundell in my lastest athlete profile "Offroad Family Adventures & Sparkle Skirts!" Can you imagine running six miles within your neighborhood cul de sac? Sometimes a little Sparkle helps you do big things!

After learning more about Lundell and her Team Sparkle teammates I had to have a Team Sparkle skirt of my own! I bought a green one.

From Team Sparkle's web site I liked knowing "when you purchase a sparkle skirt, you join Team Sparkle. A group of women who understand YOU and who YOU are. While wearing your sparkle skirt, not only will your family & friends be able to spot you a mile away, you will (literally!) receive compliments galore, and you will have the confidence that comes with knowing you have Team Sparkle, a collective group of women in all ages, shapes, size & ability, 'at your back.'”

The skirt arrived today—happiness in a priority-box mailer! I love my new skirt—it's beautiful and FUN! For me it was a well-timed pick-me-up as I've been sick all week and I've missed multiple workouts. I can't wait to test it out!

Find out more about Lundell and her creative gifts showcased on her blog and about Team Sparkle in the profile. Go Carrie!

photo credits by me: My good camera is not available, but even with the semi-broken camera, the green skirt sparkles (with poor lighting) on the stairs, or outside on my front walk.


Lara Gotto said...

Can't wait to see you in your Sparkle Skirt! I guess this trumps the hot pants, huh????

Sara Cox Landolt said...

:-) Lara, I'm going to wear the Sparkle over the short shorts/swimsuit/trishorts etc, or else there'd be major trouble! :-)
You'll see what I mean.