Truitt's 1st Swim Meet!

- Swimmer's hair.
- Spaghettios.Boiled eggs. Puppychow.
- "Go! Go! Go!"

This weekend our son Truitt competed in his first swim meet! Ken and I volunteered (timer, concessions) and chased our other kids around while enjoying our first swim meet experience.

- The youngest swimmers were adorable. So tiny! And great swimmers.
- The teen swimmers were fluid works of art. The events were easy to watch, gorgeous swimming.
- The inside pool venue was hot and muggy! Next time I'll wear a tank top for sure. I'm hoping the warm, moist air was beneficial for my awful cold and cough?
We're proud of our little swimmer! Go Sharks!

Questions for You:
- Did you compete on a swim team growing up? Or do you now?
- What's your favorite age or event to watch?
- Favorite swim team cheer?
photos by us


Victory is Finishing said...

Cool skull and cross bones swim cap! Congrats on you first meet!
Looks like a fun time.


enaj said...

I love the little ones the best!!!

Teenage Tri Queen said...

So cute!!
I do swim on a swim team now, and my favorite people to watch are the tiny little kids doing butterfly (so cute!), and the older kids doing butterfly (so amazing!)!
Congrats Truitt!