Does This Bike Fit My ...

No matter how far or how fast you plan on riding your new bike--to get a good ride--you need a good fit. A good fit will stand out among purchasing points.

"If you choose a bike based on 10 test rides, you're likely choosing a bike based on the fit of each bike during the test ride," says J.T. Lyons, a F.I.S.T. instructor and bike fitter at Moment Cycle Sport in San Diego. Lyons spoke about bike fit and more at a breakout session during GOTRIbal's 2010 Conference and Retreat in San Diego.

I wrote about Lyons' session and a second DFU demonstration I attended at SBR Coaching in Verona, Wis. DFU Engineer and Creator Mathieu Fagnan was on site at SBR answering technical questions about the DFU's development and purpose.

You'll find my article on bike fit and the DFU at

While at you'll find athletes in the triathlon community discussing saddle fit. Please login and add your perspective! And for more on saddle issues check out "In the Hot Seat" on p.90 of the February 2011 issue of Triathlete Magazine.

Photo taken by me at GOTRIbal's conference.

Question for You:
- Have you found the magic saddle?

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Velma said...

great article. Let me know if you have good suggestions for sadddles. I have a friend who is looking for one :)