Florida Adventures - Sanibel! Dolphins, Crabs, Hedwig

While in Florida this month we drove up to Sanibel for some fun family time. It was cold, even for us, but we had a great time and saw/found so many neat things.
I think this seagull looks like Hedwig from Harry Potter. Yes I know Hedwig is an owl.
center: The crab is dead, but I flipped him over and had him pose for this pic. rt: Is this a sea cucumber?

Huge day, two frisky dolphins entertained us for several minutes! It was SO fun to watch!

I think this seagull looks confident. What do you think?
Questions for You:
- What's the best beach ever?
- Best beach for shells?
- Seagull or dump chicken?

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Lora Abernathy said...

Those are some beautiful pics!